Would you like to know the true value of your product?

You can automatically gather and update posts on Instagram and publish them on your website.

This is a system that automatically gathers and publishes pictures posted by your customers on their Instagram with an exclusive hashtag.
Yes, this service is exactly the visualization of user reviews!

Takahash mini uses the API which is approved by Instagram, Inc.

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6 feature points of Takahash mini


Provides automatic collection and update services

All posted pictures with an exclusive hashtag are collected and published automatically every hour.
No effort required!


Positive impact of online reviews

You can expect a positive impact from your customers' reviews through posted comments.
Your products are effortlessly advertised by your customers spreading their reviews on Instagram.


Can be utilized in photo galleries

Pictures posted on Instagram can also be utilized for your photo galleries.


Marketing & Diffusion effect

There is a great possibility of attracting users with high interests which could lead for a voluntarily marketing or promotion of your product.


Can be utilized in product development

It allows you to capture the real and timely feedback from your users which can be utilized in your future product development.


Improve your branding

Non-follower users can also view the posts by attaching an exclusive hashtag.
This is also an effective way to increase brand awareness.

A wide range of industries and businesses have used our service.

Nail Salon


Let people know that it's a highly-recommended salon by showing nail images posted by your clients!

Hair Salon


Showing your pleasant workplace may improve recruiting practices!

Cosmetic Manufacturer


Show pictures of your products and reviews posted by your customers!

Event Planning Company


Collect positive feedback of a beer festival event posted by your customers!

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Please feel free to contact us.

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